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Since I've been gone

Havn't written for a very long time. Been very busy and my damn computer broke down beyond repair. So I'm using Eliza's system to send my message. Tomarrow some more pictures will be taken so check out The Gothic Mecca.
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behind bars

This sucks

I just had a whole new update typed and the fucker said that I had used the wrong password and so I went through that bullshit and now I'm pissed 'cause I hate to type. Anyway Eliz needs to take some new pics. of me to put on here, 'cause I shaved most of my head and I don't look this way anymore. Its not the first time I've shaved it, but my family thinks I'm goofy, while my girlfriend and other friends say that I look good. The Cringe CD release party was kick ass, got some more autographs and hugs and such.
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